About managing Enforcers on the management server console

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About managing Enforcers on the management server console

The Symantec Enforcer settings on the management server console help you configure the Enforcer, its authentication interactions, and enforcement interactions with clients. Before you configure the Enforcer settings on the console, you complete the installation and setup of the Enforcer on the Enforcer appliance or computer.

The Enforcer settings on the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager console depend on which type of Enforcer appliance you configure: Gateway or LAN. Therefore, the settings for each are covered separately.

You do most Enforcer configuration and administration from the console. Most Enforcer configuration settings can only be changed on the console. However, some Enforcer settings require you to edit an Enforcer file on the Enforcer computer rather than on the console. Almost all settings for Enforcers are set from the Servers page on the console. The LAN Enforcer has a few additional required settings on the Policies page.

See Configuring an Enforcer appliance.

If you administer multiple Enforcers and are responsible for other tasks, it is generally more convenient to administer them all in one centralized location. The console provides this capability. You can log on to a console to display information about all Enforcers.

You must perform a few tasks on the computer on which the Enforcer is installed. The tasks include using the Enforcer local console rather than the management console and hardware maintenance tasks. For example, you troubleshoot an Enforcer and a console connection on the Enforcer itself. To define the problem, you may need to physically check the status of the Enforcer computer hardware or change its network connection.

This chapter does not include information on how to configure the Symantec Enforcement client, which is a separate component from the Enforcer.

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