About failover Enforcer groups

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About failover Enforcer groups

A new Enforcer identifies itself to the console as a standby failover Enforcer. This identification happens if you add a failover Gateway Enforcer that connects by a hub or switch to the same subnet. The console then assigns the new standby failover Enforcer to the same group as the active Enforcer. The assignment occurs whether or not you specified a group name during setup on the local console. This action ensures that the failover Gateway Enforcer has exactly the same settings as the primary Enforcer.

See Failover planning for Gateway Enforcer appliances.

For LAN Enforcers, failover is handled through the switch rather than through the Enforcer so the automatic assignment to the same group does not occur. You can ensure that multiple LAN Enforcers share settings. Specify the same group name in the Enforcer local console on the console Settings dialog box.

See Planning for the installation of a LAN Enforcer appliance.

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