About creating a new Enforcer group

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About creating a new Enforcer group

Usually, you only need to create a new Enforcer group if you add an Enforcer that required different settings from the existing Enforcers.

You can create a new Enforcer group on the Enforcer local console by specifying the new name on the console Settings dialog box. The new group has the Enforcer default settings.

You can leave the group name field blank when you connect the new Enforcer from the local console. In that case, the console assigns the Enforcer to a new group. This group takes the name of the Enforcer computer and its default settings.

You can use the same method to move an Enforcer to another group. Specify the desired group name from the Enforcer local console. The Enforcer takes on the settings of the group to which it is moved.

See Adding or editing the name of a LAN Enforcer appliance group with a LAN Enforcer.

See Adding or editing the name of an Enforcer group for Symantec Network Access Control Integrated Enforcer.

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