How to disable seeing certain data classes when editing resources

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When editing a resource, certain data classes are not desired to be seen by all users. For example, Backup Exec adds in data classes to Computer resources.

If the data classes are from a separate solution, such as Patch Management, Backup Exec, Data Loss Prevention, Arellia products, etc., these other solutions can be uninstalled, which should then remove their respective data classes.

If the other solutions are needed to be left installed or it is CMDB/Asset data classes that are to be removed or hidden, CMDB has the ability to remove these from being used directly by the user. This does not, however, prevent these from being updated by other processes.

  1. In a Symantec Management Platform Console, click on the Settings button > All Settings.
  2. Click on Service and Asset Management > Resources and Data Class Settings > Resource Types.
  3. Find the resource to be edited. For example, Computers are under Asset Types > IT > Computer.
  4. In the Data Classes section, click to uncheck any data classes that are to not be used. Note: If the data classes are grayed out and cannot be unchecked, these have become corrupted. Skip to solution #3 from the related article TECH198042, listed below, for further troubleshooting.
  5. Click on the "Save changes" button when finished.

Note: If other Altiris security accounts, especially custom security accounts, are needing to be modified to exclude these data classes, this article does not cover these; this article will remove the selected data classes from being viewed/edited by all users of any security role. The user instead would need to use Security Manager to remove rights to read/write to the data classes that they want to lock down, which this article does not discuss on how to perform.

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