How to print the Helpdesk "Worker Report" page information

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How can the information on the "Worker Report" be printed? Reducing the margins and printing in landscape mode causes information on the right edge of the page to be cut off. When the image is reduced so that the entire page can be printed, the text becomes unreadable.

Helpdesk 6.0

More infomation is displayed on the page than most printers can handle and still be able to view the information on the printout. This is a known Microsoft issue in Internet Explorer 6.


NOTE: Microsoft resolved this issue in Internet Explorer 7, so our recommendation is to upgrade your browser to IE7 which is officially supported in Helpdesk SP5 (6.0.308). If you do not want to upgrade your browser, the following is an AS IS, best-effort attempt to work around the issue:

The attached report, "Worker Report Summary", contains the same information (# or ID, Title, Assigned, Priority, Status, Category, and Modified) as the Altiris Console's  Incidents tab > Incidents > Worker Report when it is sorted by the Assigned column.

To use the "Worker Report Summary" report, do the following:

  1. Save the attached "-- Worker Report Summary.xml" file to a location accessible from the Altiris Console.
  2. Import the  "-- Worker Report Summary.xml" file in the Altiris Console's Reports tab.
    1. Click Reports > Incident Management > Incidents > Helpdesk.
    2. Select Import from the Helpdesk right-click menu
    3. Browse to the location where the "-- Worker Report Summary.xml" file was saved.
    4. Select the file.
    5. Click Open. The "-- Worker Report Summary" is added to the reports list.
  3. Select the "--Worker Report Summary".
  4. Click Run this report in the right hand pane
  5. In the Worker field, leave the "%" (for all workers) or enter a specific worker.
  6. Click the Refresh button.
  7. When the "-- Worker Report Summary" report is displayed perform one of two options:
    • Double-click on a row to open a specific incident in a separate window.
    • Print the report by clicking the printer icon in the toolbar.


-- Worker Report Summary.xml (5 kBytes)

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