Customizing a Process Manager portal page list

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Customizing a Process Manager portal page list

Several Process Manager portal pages contain the lists that you use to analyze or perform ServiceDesk activities. You can customize the lists that appear on your pages so that they display the information in the manner that is most useful to you. For example, on the My Task List page, you might want to change the task list so that it displays only your overdue tasks.

Examples of portal page lists are as follows:

  • On the My Task List page, the task list that appears in the Task Viewer section

    See My Task List page.

  • On the Home page, the request list that appears in the My Requests section

    See Home page.

  • On the Tickets page, the tickets that appear in the My Open Tickets section

    See Tickets page.

The primary way to customize a portal page list is to change the report that determines the contents of the list. You can also sort and filter the list to display a more specific subset of information. Some changes that you make are active until the page refreshes or for the current session only. Some changes are lost when you log off the Process Manager portal. However, you can select a new report that persists beyond a single session.

See Changing the report for a Process Manager portal page list.

For information about optimizing your reports to improve the performance of the Process Manager:

See Optimizing reports in the Process Manager portal.

To customize a Process Manager portal page list

  1. In the Process Manager portal, open the page that contains the list that you want to edit.

  2. On the portal page, in the section that contains the list , you can customize the list in the following ways:

    • Sort the columns.

    • Search and filter the list.

    • Limit the number of records that appear.

    • Select a new report.

    • Refresh the report.

    See Options for customizing a Process Manager portal page list.

  3. When you finish customizing the list, you can close the page or work on it.

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