About the Customer Satisfaction Survey

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About the Customer Satisfaction Survey

After an incident is resolved, the submitting user receives a task to view its history, comments, and other information about its resolution. If the resolution is satisfactory, the user marks the incident as resolved. When the incident resolution is verified, the user can be asked to complete a Customer Satisfaction Survey to rate the service and the resolution. The Incident Management OnResolutionVerified ruleset comes with a preconfigured rule that can send out the Customer Satisfaction Survey when an incident is resolved.

You can customize the Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Examples of how you might change the Customer Satisfaction Survey are as follows:

  • Change the frequency with which the survey is sent.

    By default, the OnResolutionVerified ruleset comes with a preconfigured rule that sends out the Customer Satisfaction Survey. Each time an incident is resolved, there is a 50% chance that the rule sends out the Customer Satisfaction Survey.

    You can change the frequency that the Customer Satisfaction Survey is sent out. Edit the condition in the preconfigured rule that sends out the survey.

    In the Process Manager portal, click Admin > Process Automation. Expand Incident Management and then click Service Dashboard. Expand Ruleset: OnResolutionVerified and select the Customer Survey rule. In the title bar, click the Actions symbol (orange lightning) and then click Edit Rule. On the Edit Rule page, to the right of the condition, click the Edit symbol (note pad and green pencil).

  • Change the data that the survey collects.

    You can change the text on the survey form. You can also change the survey questions and the possible responses so that you can track the information that is most important to your organization.

    You can change the appearance and fields of the Customer Satisfaction Survey by editing the SD.CustomerSurvey project in Workflow Designer.

For more information about customizing forms and editing the Customer Satisfaction Survey, see the Symantec™ Workflow 7.5 User Guide.

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