Numeric characters cannot be differentiated in BIOS Password Administration Tasks

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When HPCM BIOS Administration tasks are defined, the solution does not make a distinction between the input from the Numeric Keypad or the Standard Number Keys located at the top of the keyboard.

  • BIOS passwords created locally on a supported client using the "Numeric Keypad 0-9" cannot be properly accessed by remote HPCM BIOS Administration tasks.
  • Any number entered in the HPCM or Notification Server Console for BIOS passwords is defaulted to the "Standard Number Key" value.

Important Note: When defining a new password with HPCM, the solution will create a BIOS password using the "Standard Number Key" value on all supported HP hardware.

HP Client Manager 6.x


In an effort to provide the highest level of backward compatibility, HPCM was designed not to distinguish the difference between the two input methods when defining remote BIOS Adminstrations tasks which involve a BIOS Password. This was implemented to provide compatibility with computers that use older versions of HP BIOS software.


To ensure that the HP Client Manager BIOS Administration tasks can run, use the "Standard Number Keys" (located at the top of the keyboard) to create numeric values in BIOS passwords.

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