How to install WinPE partition with a static IP address through a Deployment Solution job

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What is the best method to install a large number of WinPE automation partitions to client computers without having to run through the Boot Disk Creator wizard for each client individually? Is there a method that can automate this process?

A new feature was added to the Boot Disk Creator in Deployment Solution 6.8 SP2 build 378 that allows the creation of automation partitions (such as a WinPE installer) using command line parameters. The following file contains a sample job and template that use this new feature, and will create a basic WinPE partition installer for a client machine with a static IP address, using that static IP address in the configuration.


To use this sample job, extract the contents of the file. It contains the following two files:

  • WinPEInstall.bin
  • static.bdc

Note: The files contained in were built for DS 6.8. The WinPEInstall.bin will work up to DS 6.9 SP2, however it will fail in SP3 or later. Also, the static.bdc is for WinPE 1.6. For a job created for later versions of DS (6.9 SP3 and SP4) and a .bdc file for WinPE 2.1 download

  1. Copy the file static.bdc or static_SP4.bdc to the "Samples" folder under the express share (\\SERVERNAME\express\Samples\), and rename it to static.cfg.
  2. Import the WinPEInstall.bin file into your Deployment Server console (by right-clicking on the jobs list, selecting Import, and then browsing out to the .bin file. Once this file is imported, you should have a new job in the console by the name of "Install WinPE w/Static IP".
  3. Make sure that you have WinPE and MS-DOS installed in the Boot Disk Creator, and you have made at least one Boot Disk Configuration (so that a username and password have already been entered at least once).

You should now be able to drag and drop the job "Install WinPE w/Static IP" to any Windows computer in your environment, and it will install a WinPE automation partition on that computer.

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