Change Management process: Reviewed state

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Change Management process: Reviewed state

The Reviewed state is a state in the Change Management process.

See About the Change Management process

In this state, CAB approval was either provided or was not needed. During this phase the change is implemented, either immediately or at the scheduled time.

The table describes the details of the Reviewed state in the Change Management process.

State name:


Brief description:

The change plan has been approved and is scheduled for implementation

Initiated by:

CAB approves Change plan or the Change Manager initiates change directly (for Standard plan)

Outcome/Next status:

  • Change successfully implemented (Closed: Success)

  • Change cannot be implemented (Closed: Failure)


Implementer is selected during the planning phase

Available actions:

  • Task: Cancel Change

  • Task: Implement Right Away

  • Task: Complete Task

  • Implementation Options: Delegate Implementation Task

  • Implementation Options: Manage Implementation Tasks

  • Process Action: Edit Change Plan

  • Process Action: Manage CABs

  • Process Action: Manage Templates

  • Process Action: Manage Related Configuration Items

  • Process Action: Manage Related Processes

  • Process Action: Add Bulletin Board Entry

  • Process Action: Search Knowledge Base

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