About migration of knowledge base (KB) content from Helpdesk Solution 6.x

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About migration of knowledge base (KB) content from Helpdesk Solution 6.x

Migration of KB content is performed by running a KB Migrator executable that is found in the Service Catalog. Out of the box, the migrator is configured to migrate Helpdesk Solution 6.5 HTML files.

See Migrating knowledge base (KB) content from Helpdesk Solution 6.x.

Be advised that the migration process takes a long time to complete. Testing against the average-sized KB of a few thousand entries, it took approximately eight hours. If you run the migration wizard in the background, you can check the Configuration Logging Utility for Workflow to make sure that it is still running. In the tool, right-click the KB migration process, turn on logging, and go to the Log View tab.

The migration wizard sends notifications throughout the migration process to the email address that is specified on the Migration Review page. You are notified each time a KB category successfully migrates, and if there's a failure, down to the specific article that failed.

If a directory fails migration multiple times, you should take the following actions:

  • Remove the articles from the source directory.

  • Delete the source directory.

  • Try to migrate smaller subsets of those articles to help identify a problematic article.

Also, in the migration wizard, on the Migration Review page, you should select Monitored Migration. The selection provides more detail. The process tries three times before it deems a true failure.

Note that the numbering of the migrated articles is new, and is based on the order of import.

After migration, you can delete the copied directory, unless failures occurred. If you want to rerun the migrator for the failed content, do not delete the copied directory. You can run the migration tool multiple times. However, do not run the migrator against any content that is already migrated due to high risk of duplication of articles.

After migration is complete, the original source directory can be deleted. Migrated knowledge base articles are stored to the Process Manager database. However, the images that are used in articles are saved to the server drive.

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