Migrating knowledge base (KB) content from Helpdesk Solution 6.x

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Migrating knowledge base (KB) content from Helpdesk Solution 6.x

Migration of KB content is performed by running a KB Migrator executable that is found in the Service Catalog. Out of the box, the migrator is configured to migrate Helpdesk Solution 6.5 HTML files.

See About migration of knowledge base (KB) content from Helpdesk Solution 6.x.

Be advised that the migration process takes a long time to complete.

To migrate knowledge base (KB) content from Helpdesk Solution 6.5

  1. Copy the directory that houses the KB files to the ServiceDesk server.

    This requirement is due to .NET restrictions at the command-line level.

  2. The directory structure for the KB content to copy must follow this format:

    <drive>:\Libraries\another directory\Articles

    This structure is the directory structure of Helpdesk Solution 6.5 knowledge base content by default. The "another directory" folder represents the individual libraries.

  3. Grant the Network Service account access to the directory.

  4. In the Process Manager portal, click Submit Request.

  5. On the Submit Request page, under Service Catalog, click Administrative Services.

  6. Under New Requests, click Migrate KB Articles from Helpdesk 6.5.

  7. In the KB Migration Wizard, on the Welcome page, click Continue.

  8. On the Source Selection page, type the location of the KB Libraries that you previously copied to your ServiceDesk server and then click Next.

    Use the following format:

    <drive>:\Libraries\another directory\Articles

  9. On the Library Selection page, select the libraries to migrate and then click Add Libraries to Migration List.

  10. On the Topic Selection page, select the KB topics to migrate and then click Add Topics to Migration List.

  11. On the Migration Review page, type an email address for ServiceDesk to send an email to when the migration is complete.

  12. When you are finished, select one of the following options:

    Background Migration


    • Lets the migration of the knowledge base content occur in the background. Symantec recommends that you use this migration method.

    • When you click Background Migration, the KB Migration Wizard closes.

    • You receive status updates from the migration process by email

    Monitored Migration

    (Used for Trouble Shooting)

    • Lets you monitor the migration in real-time status.

    • This method requires that the browser remain open.

      If you close the browser, before the migration is finished, the migration process is stopped. You must restart the migration process from the beginning.

    • Because this method provides more detail, Symantec recommends that you use this method only if a migration fails.

  13. (Optional) If you chose to monitor the migration, on the Migrating page, the Incident Migration Wizard migrates the topics that you selected from Helpdesk Solution 6.5.

  14. (Optional) If you chose to monitor the migration, on the Confirmation page, review the details of the migration. When you are finished, close the migration wizard.

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