Creating incident service queues

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Creating incident service queues

The Incident Management process lets you route incidents to service queues. By default, ServiceDesk provides the Default Incident Queue service queue, and associates the Support group to it. Before you can configure your automation rules, Symantec recommends that you first create your incident service queues and associate your groups to the queues.

Video: For more information about creating and managing incident service queues, see ServiceDesk Configuration: Create and Manage Service Queues on Symantec Connect.

Service queues consist of a group or multiple groups that you associate with it. You can change users and group without reconfiguring your routing rules. You can add or remove the users that are in the group that you associate with the service queue. You can add or remove the groups that are associated with the service queue.


Adding and removing groups from queues only affects future assignments and does not affect currently assigned incidents.

To create an incident service queue

  1. In the Process Manager portal, click Submit Request.

  2. On the Submit Request page, in the Service Catalog section, click Administrative Services.

  3. On the right side of the page, click Manage Incident Service Queues.

  4. On the Active Service Queues page, click New Queue.

  5. On the Create/Edit Service Queue page, in the Service Queue Name field, type the name of the service queue.

    Type a descriptive name of the service queue to make it easy to identify. The name is displayed in the list of service queues on the Active Service Queues page.

  6. (Optional) Add the service queue location as follows:

    • To the right of the Queue Location (Optional) field, click the Search symbol (magnifying glass).

    • In the Location Selection dialog box, in the Search Text field, type your search criteria and click the Search symbol (magnifying glass).

    • Select the location and then click Select Location.

    • The location appears in the Queue Location (Optional) field.

  7. In the Queue Description field, type a description of the service queue.

  8. Add groups to the service queue as follows:

    • Under Security Group Membership, in the Search field, type your group search criteria and click the Search symbol (magnifying glass).

    • Select the group that you want to add and click Add Selected.

      To add additional groups to the service queue, repeat this step.

    • The group appears in the Groups Currently in Queue field.

      To remove a group from this field, click the group.

  9. When you are finished, click Save Queue.

  10. On the Active Service Queues page, click Close.

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