Editing subtask templates

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Editing subtask templates

After you create your subtask template, you may need to edit it. For example, you may need to assign the subtask to a different user or add additional information to the task details.

To edit a subtask template

  1. In the Process Manager portal, click Submit Request.

  2. On the Submit Request page, in the Service Catalog section, click Administrative Services.

  3. On the right side of the page, click Manage Incident Subtask Templates.

  4. On the Manage Subtask Templates page, locate the subtask template that you want to edit.

  5. To the right of the subtask template, click the Edit link.

  6. Under Subtask Template's Details, perform any of the following actions:

    Change the descriptive name for the email template.

    In the Template Name field, type a name that makes the subtask easy to identify a list of subtask templates.

    Remove a task from the subtask template.

    To the right of the task that you want to remove, click the Remove link.

    Edit a task in the subtask template.

    • To the right of the task that you want to edit, click the Edit link.

    • On the Create Subtask page, modify the Subtask Details information as needed.

    • Click Save Subtask.

    Add a task to the subtask template.

    • Click the Add Task.

    • On the Create Subtask page, provide the required Subtask Details information.

    • Click Save Subtask.

  7. Click Save Template.

  8. Click Finished Managing Templates.

See Creating subtask templates

See Deleting subtask templates

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