Process View page (Problem Management)

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Process View page (Problem Management)

The Problem Management's Process View page is the primary interface for working a problem ticket. This Process View page appears when you open a problem ticket. The Process View page consists of multiple sections (Web parts) that display general information about the problem and any actions that you can perform.

Examples of the general information that the Problem Management's Process View page provides are as follows:

  • The problem's history

  • The related processes

  • The assignments

Examples of the actions that the Problem Management's Process View page lets you perform are as follows:

  • Work the problem.

  • Change the priority.

  • Remove the problem.

The actions that are available to you and the information that you can access on the Process View page depend on the following conditions:

  • Where the ticket is in the resolution process

  • Your involvement in the process

  • Your permissions

If your Problem Management's Process View page was customized, its appearance and contents might differ from the default Process View page.

Table: Default sections on the Problem Management's Process View page



All Contacts

Displays the users who are associated with the ticket or who work on the ticket. These users can be anyone who works on the ticket as well as anyone who is added at any phase of the process.

You can view details about the contact or add a new contact if you have permission to do so.


Displays the following items:

  • List of the actions that you can take to effectively work the ticket.

  • Work Tasks Assigned To Others checkbox

    If this checkbox appears, you can check it and work the ticket.

  • List of the smart tasks that you can perform, such as adding an incident or starting a discussion.

See About actions and smart tasks on the Process View pages.


(Read only) Displays the description that was entered during the task's initial creation.


Displays any documents that are attached to the process or task and lets you attach additional documents.


Displays a record for each action that has occurred within the process. For example, a record can represent a status change, a task, or a user comment.


Lists the workers and groups who have permission to participate in the process and what they can do. You can edit or delete existing permissions, and you can add new permissions.

Permissions are not checked when you make changes in this section. If the people who you enter do not have the appropriate permissions, they cannot participate in the process regardless of what you enter.

Primary Contacts

Displays the primary contact for the ticket.

Typically, the primary contact is the person who reports the problem. Sometimes, the primary contact is someone other than the submitter.

Process Time

Displays the amount of time that has been recorded for a ticket to date and lets you post additional time.

ServiceDesk tracks the following times:

  • Current User Process Time

    The amount of time that accumulates for the worker who has the incident's Process View page open.

  • User Process Time

    The total amount of offline time that the workers have posted to the incident to date.

  • Total Process Time

    The amount of time that was spent on the incident to date, including the time that was recorded automatically and the time that workers posted.

See About the process time for tickets.

Related Items

List the items that are related to the process.

Provides the links that you can use to discover more information about those items.

You can view details about the related processes or add new references if you have permission to do so.

Related Processes

Lists any other tickets that can be associated with the current problem ticket.

Switch View

Lets you switch between the Full Process View and the Basic Process View.

The Full Process View is the default view. The Basic Process View is a simplified view that eliminates many of the options that normally appear. This view is useful for reviewing the process tickets that have extensive history

Top section

The title bar displays the title of the problem.

Provides a quick view of the ticket's identifying details and statistics.

Contains the following action links:

  • Refresh

  • Add Comment

    Opens the Add Comment to Process dialog box.

    You can add a title and comment.

    You can select a View Level.

    You can also add a user level comment. This option is active when you select Admin in the View Level drop-down list.

  • Print

    On a new tab in your browser, opens a printable version of the Process View page.

    You can use your Web browser to print the page.

See About the Process View page

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