Using a change template

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Using a change template

After an end user request a change, you can open the change request ticket and use a change template to fill in change plan information. Using change templates speeds up the entry of change request information and helps to standardize and increase the accuracy of the change request information.

To use a change template

  1. In the Process Manager portal, click My Task List.

  2. Under Task Viewer, under Project Name, expand SD.ChangeManagement.

  3. In the list of tasks, find and open the change request ticket.

  4. On the change request ticket's Process View page, under Process Actions, click Edit Change Plan.

  5. In the Edit Change Plan dialog box, in the Load Template drop-down list, select the template that you want to use and click Load.

  6. In the confirmation dialog box, click OK.

  7. (Optional) In the Edit Change Plan dialog box, change the data or provide additional data.

  8. Click Save Change Plan.

  9. On the change request ticket's Process View page, under Tasks and Actions, click Approve/Deny Change Plan.

  10. In the Complete Planning Phase dialog box, in the Set Change Plan Type drop-down list, click Standard.

  11. In the Applied Template field, you should see the name of the template that you selected in the Edit Change Plan dialog box.

  12. To the right of the Choose Implementer field, click the Search symbol (magnifying glass) to open the User Selection dialog box.

  13. In the Search Text field, type your search criteria and click the Search symbol (magnifying glass).

  14. Select the user and click Select User.

  15. (Optional) To the right of the Choose Start Date drop-down list, click View Change Schedule to review other changes that are scheduled.

  16. In the Choose Start Date drop-down list, select a start date.

  17. In the Estimate End Date drop-down list, select an approximate end date.

  18. (Optional) In the Add Comments (Optional) field, type your comments.

  19. Select one of the following options:


    Saves the information and closes the page.

    Use this option if you plan to make changes to the change plan later.

    Submit Change Plan

    Submits the change plan so that the implementor can implement the change.

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