Initiating a vote on a change

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Initiating a vote on a change

You can initiate a vote so that the Change Approval Board (CAB) can vote on the change plan. After you initiate the voting, the members of the CAB receive a task that lets them vote to approve or deny the change plan. After the CAB votes on the change plan, the change manager can then approve or deny the change.

The voting process is skipped when the Emergency or the Standard change type is used. Instead, the plan is assigned directly to the change manager for final approval.

To initiate a vote on a change

  1. In the Process Manager portal, click My Task List.

  2. On the My Task List page, under Task Viewer, under Project Name, expand SD.ChangeManagement.

  3. In the list of task, find and open the change request ticket that has the status CAB Review and Approval.

  4. On the change request's Process View page, under Task and Actions, expand CAB Options: 3 Action(s).

  5. Click Initiate Voting.

  6. In the CAB Voting dialog box, in the Set Title for Voting Task field, type a title for the voting task.

  7. In the Set Description for Voting Task field, type a description for the voting task.

  8. In the Set Priority for Voting Task drop-down list, select a priority for the voting task, and click Continue

  9. Click Continue.

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