Advanced ServiceDesk customizations

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Advanced ServiceDesk customizations

Depending on your needs, you may want to perform some advanced customizations before you introduce ServiceDesk into your production environment.

See Configuring ServiceDesk.

The advanced customization tasks are configured in Workflow Designer. To view the projects that are available for advanced customization, you need to open Workflow Manager and then click File > Open Project.

For more information about using Workflow Designer to configure the workflow projects, see the Symantec™ Workflow 7.5 User Guide

For more information about the advanced customizations that you can perform in ServiceDesk, see Symantec Connect.

Table: Advanced customization tasks you can perform



Customize the appearance and content of forms.

In the Process Manager portal, a form is the screen or page that users and workers interact with during a process.

ServiceDesk contains predefined forms for all its processes. These predefined forms are complete and ready to use immediately. However, you can customize any of the forms to meet your organization's established process requirements.

See About customizing forms.

Examples of common form customizations are as follows:

You can use Workflow Designer to customize the appearance and behavior of the forms in the Process Manager portal.

Customize email for ServiceDesk processes.

ServiceDesk can send email notifications when various Problem Management and Knowledge Management process events occur. It can also create incidents from inbound email.

These email capabilities are predefined and ready to use. However, you can customize them as needed.

See Customizing the email actions for ServiceDesk processes.

Verify the problem categories.

During the entry of a problem ticket, the process worker specifies a category to help classify the root cause of the problem.

ServiceDesk contains default values for the problem category. You can add and edit the problem categories. You can make these changes by editing the SD.ProblemManagement project in Workflow Designer.

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