Report: To list count of all duplicate Packages

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Please use the following SQL code to get a report to list a count of all duplicate packages within SMP

 Copy each of  the following code in SQL code section while creating a 2 new reports.

1. SMP Console > Reports > all reports 
2. Reports > Right Click > New > Report > SQL report


--- to list duplicate  packages COUNT

select Name,  COUNT(*) AS dupes  From SWDPackage (nolock)

where _Latest = 1 

--and Name like '%adobe%'

Group by Name  HAVING  (COUNT(*) > 1) 

order by dupes desc

--- to list DETAILS FOR duplicate  packages

select swp.Name, swp.Version, swp.[Package Location], swp.[Package Size], swp._Refreshed From SWDPackage as  swp (nolock)

inner join 

( select Name,  COUNT(*) AS dupes  From SWDPackage (nolock)

where _Latest = 1 Group by Name  HAVING  COUNT(*) > 1) sc on swp.Name = sc.Name

where swp._Latest = 1 --and swp.Name like '%adobe%'

order by Name

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