About report templates

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About report templates

Report templates let you define a subset of the raw report data that is collected by Mail Security for a single server. The goal of creating a template is to describe a set of data that summarizes threats, security risks, filtering violations, spam, and server information. The information, which can be saved and used to generate on-demand or scheduled reports. Report templates can include different categories or combinations of security-related statistics.

You can create different report templates to describe different subsets of the raw report data. After you create a report template, you can use it to generate reports.


Reports cannot be generated with a new or updated report template until you deploy your changes.

Mail Security provides two pre-configured report templates that you can modify. You can also create your own report templates. When you create or modify a report template, Mail Security provides a wizard to guide you through the configuration process.

The types of report templates that you can create are as follows:

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