What's new in Mail Security

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What's new in Mail Security

Table: New and enhanced features lists the new and the enhanced features in Mail Security.


Mail Security 7.5 supports Microsoft Exchange 2007 installed on Microsoft Windows 2008 only. (Mail Security 7.5 does not support Microsoft Exchange 2007 installed on Microsoft Windows 2003.)

For more information, see the Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Implementation Guide and Online Help.

Table: New and enhanced features



Console only upgrade supported

With release 7.5, you can now upgrade an existing minor version or a major version to version 7.5. For example, you can now upgrade from SMSMSE version 6.5 or version 7.0 to version 7.5.

The upgrade installation upgrades the SMSMSE console only.

While upgrading, you can opt for one of the following:

  • Retain existing settings.

  • Install with the default settings.

Categorization of unscannable files for better management

The existing feature of handling unscannable files is now enhanced for better management.

This feature now provides you with:

  • An option to take different actions on the files, based on the trusted set of users/domains.

  • Bypass certain malformed file types from actions that are to be taken on the unscannable files.

Schedulable consolidated reports

The existing feature of consolidated reports is now extended to support scheduling of consolidated reports.

You can now schedule generation of consolidated report for a particular report template. You can have the option to enable or disable scheduling.

Reports can be scheduled either:

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • monthly

  • At specific time

  • Specific days

Support for US SSN template

This policy template detects US SSN Numbers, which is a personal identification number issued by the Social Security Administration of the United States government.

You can use this template in a rule to identify valid US individual social security numbers.

Performance improvement


Improved console scalability

If a failover occurs in a cluster environment where SMSMSE is deployed on two nodes of a cluster, the settings from the primary node are now seamlessly loaded on the secondary node without halting the failover.


This is applicable to Microsoft Exchange 2007 deployment only.

The delay experienced in loading the list of all mailboxes and all folders in the Scan Location panel under Scans > Manual Scan > Edit manual scan, is now drastically improved.

Components of SMSME have been upgraded for improved handling of files and file decomposition.

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