About installing Mail Security on a Single Copy Cluster node

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About installing Mail Security on a Single Copy Cluster node

You can install Mail Security on the Exchange servers that have Microsoft Single Copy Cluster.

Mail Security settings are stored in the registry and local hard drive of each individual server. The settings are duplicated on the hard drive of the shared storage. The shared storage is used as a dependency for the Mail Security resource each time the settings are changed. When the active node goes down, the passive node checks for settings on the shared storage hard drive and controls transfers to the passive node. The settings are then downloaded to the passive node (which is now active) and applied.

Mail Security is Microsoft Cluster aware and does not require any specific settings before installing the product on a cluster with one or more passive nodes. Mail Security requires its own cluster resource.

You must use IP addresses or names of the Clusterservername nodes instead of the actual server IP addresses or names to manage Mail Security through the console

When the Clusterserverinitials group and Mail Security cluster resource move from one node to another, the following items are not transferred:

  • Virus definitions and spam rules

  • Report database and generated reports

  • Spam statistics

  • Mailbox and public folder lists

The Mail Security quarantine is stored on the shared storage. Exclude the quarantine from all antivirus scanning. Settings are copied to the shared storage when you deploy your changes. Ensure there is sufficient room on the volume for the Mail Security shared settings and quarantine.

Configure LiveUpdate to perform regularly scheduled updates on each node in the cluster to ensure that your definitions stay current. Definitions are updated and stored locally, not on the shared storage.

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