Silently installing Mail Security using an automated installation tool

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Silently installing Mail Security using an automated installation tool

Mail Security supports installing the product using automated installation tools, such as Microsoft Systems Management Server.

Ensure that you have met the system requirements before you perform a silent installation.

See System requirements

You can modify certain installation properties to configure Mail Security installations. You can also provide command-line properties during manual or automated installation by using an automated installation tool

Modify the installation properties for Mail Security in the following file:

\Program Files (x86)\Symantec\CMaF\2.2\bin\Products\SMSMSE\7.0\Remote Install Files\vpremote.dat

See Table: Remote customization options


After the Mail Security silent installation, the Symantec Mail Security Utility Service and the Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange services do not start automatically. You must start these services manually.

To silently install Mail Security using an automated installation tool on Exchange 2013

  1. Copy the installation media in its entirety to the location from which installation is launched.

    For example: xcopy [Drive]:\*.* /s [Destination drive]

  2. Launch setup.exe using the following command to initiate a silent installation:

    [Destination drive]:\setup.exe /v"/lvx* "c:\smsmse_install.log" NOT_FROM_ARP=1 REMOTEINSTALL=1 REINSTALLMODE=voums REINSTALL=ALL SMSMSE_RBAC_USERNAME=<username> SMSMSE_RBAC_PASSWORD=<password>" /s

    where "c:\smsmse_install.log" is the path of installation log file that is generated during installation.

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