How to restart the machine automatically during a Silent Installation Symantec Workspace Virtualization Agent

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SWV (Symantec Workspace Virtualization) agent needs to reboot the machine once the installation is complete. This will ensure the drivers are in place to handle layer operations. Following are the respective switches,parameters that needs to be passed along with the installation command line to obtain the desired Reboot behavior.

Use Case 1 : DO NOT Restart the machine after a silent installation of SWV agent

                          /s - For Silent Installation ;  SWV.REBOOT=ReallySupress - For hold the reboot behavior

                          Symantec_Workspace_Virtualization.exe /s SWV.REBOOT=ReallySupress

Use Case 2 : RESTART the machine AUTOMATICALLY after Silent Installation

                        /s - For Silent Installation ;  SWV.REBOOT=Force - To Force Reboot

                        Symantec_Workspace_Virtualization.exe /s SWV.REBOOT=Force

Use Case 3 : Display Progress Bar along with any Errors and Reboot Prompt

                         /s - For Silent Installation ; /e - For Progress,Error display (If encountered) and Prompt Restart Prompt dialog for the End-User

                         Symantec_Workspace_Virtualization.exe /s /e

Note : Triggering the (.exe) installation of SWV without any Switch/parameters passed will initiate a Normal installation and user is prompted with the default installation Wizard. (E.g - Symantec_Workspace_Virtualization.exe)

The Product Documentation is likely to be updated with this info and will be available along with future releases.

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