How to increase the timeout when rendering a native document

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Clearwell has set time out settings for rendering native documents.   From time to time, some valuable pertinent documents are abnormally large or are so complex they take extra time to render effectively.   If a timeout issue is encountered  when rendering documents natively this workaround may be effective.  

  1. Collect all of the pertinent documents that are timing out and run a cache job on the documents. 
  2. Select the documents. 
  3. Pull down the action pull down.
  4. Select the Cache action.
  5. Choose the appropriate check boxes.
  6. Click on the "Advanced Settings" button.

  7. Change the "Maximum Time per Item:" do the desired timeout limit (in the example it has been set to 30 minutes)
  8. Click on the "Calculate Imaging Totals" button
  9. Verify that the total docs desired matches.
10. Click OK 
11. Click Cache

This action may take a while depending on the situation and will run based on the parameters supplied.  After the cache job completes the user will be able to see the documents without a significant amount of User Interface response lag and without timing out.


Note: If non-email messages are rendering successfully, but not email messages, check that Outlook is configured correctly, as follows:

  • Login with the admin account credentials that run the EsaIGC services.
  • Launch Outlook, via "Start > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Outlook 2010".
  • Verify that no configuration prompts or pop-up windows are displayed. Outlook needs to launch without any prompts being displayed in order for native rendering to work successfully.
  • Check the Outlook profile being used, as follows:
    • Launch C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\MLCFG32.CPL
    • Click "Show Profiles..."
    • Ensure that "Always use this profile" is set to "Outlook".
    • If you need or want to re-install the "Outlook" profile used by IGC, double-click on the following Registry install file from the IGC installation: D:\CW\VXXX\utilities\IGCAdmin\packages\IGCInstaller\7.1\ClearwellIGCHTTPProfile2010.reg

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Example error code from the UI for a doc that has timed out:

[#41057] Content processor error - com.teneo.esa.imaging.provider.igc.IGCPublishTimeoutException: [#670206] "Imaging failed due to IGC publish timeout DocPartID:"


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