ServiceDesk 7.5.1 Update

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ServiceDesk 7.5.1 is an update to ServiceDesk 7.5. This update corrects several issues in the Change Management process. This update also corrects an issue with the ServiceDesk msi installer. 
Symantec strongly recommends updating to ServiceDesk 7.5.1. Please note if you've previously installed ServiceDesk 7.5.0 you don't have to download the update from SIM. Simply follow the directions below to download & apply the updated Change Management module.
For more information see the Fixed Issues section of the ServiceDesk 7.5 Release Notes at
To Update the ServiceDesk Solution software to 7.5.1
The ServiceDesk Solution software is updated by using the Symantec Installation Manager (SIM). No changes were made to the ServiceDesk Solution software in version 7.5.1, except to provide an updated Symantec.ServiceDesk.Setup.msi – available on the ServiceDesk Solution settings page in the Symantec Management Console.
To update the ServiceDesk Solution software to 7.5.1, you may use either the ‘Upgrade installed products’ or the ‘Install new products’ interface in Symantec Installation Manager. For more detailed installation or upgrade information, refer to the ServiceDesk 7.5 Implementation Guide
To Install ServiceDesk 7.5.1 Server software on a clean server
Installing the ServiceDesk 7.5.1 application software on a server which has never had ServiceDesk 7.5 installed requires no special steps. After updating the ServiceDesk Solution software on the Symantec Management Platform to 7.5.1, simply follow the instructions in the ServiceDesk 7.5 Implementation Guide
To Update an existing ServiceDesk 7.5 Server installation to 7.5.1 
All process changes to ServiceDesk 7.5.1 occurred in the Change Management process, and are localized to the SD.ChangeManagementSimple project. 
Symantec has provided an independent installer for this project to allow you to update only the Change Management process; no other update actions are required, and no other ServiceDesk processes are affected.
Steps to Update the SD.ChangeManagementSimple project
1. Download the SD.ChangeManagementSimple.Setup.exe file attached to this article
2. Launch the executable on the ServiceDesk 7.5 server. Note: The installer lists its version as 7.5.0 – this does not reflect that actual content.
3. When prompted to choose the install location, keep the default value
4. When prompted for the Server Base URL, enter the same value entered when ServiceDesk Server was installed. Do not include http:// or https://
5. When prompted for the IIS virtual directory, keep the default value and select ‘Install’
Identifying the ServiceDesk 7.5 Build Number
To confirm which version of the ServiceDesk 7.5 installer you are using, you can view the build number in the ServiceDesk installer. After launching the Symantec.ServiceDesk.Setup.msi installer, view the build number in the lower right-hand corner of the installer.
Version Build Number
ServiceDesk 7.5.0 7.5.1317
ServiceDesk 7.5.1 7.5.1361



Version 7.5.1
SD.ChangeManagementSimple.Setup.exe (5.1 MBytes)

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