Configuring Textpad to Colorize Clearwell Logs

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The excerpt below is an example of clearwell’s uploader.log  as viewed through Textpad with some special configuration settings. 
The point is to make some specific key words, tokens, or bracketed phrases pop.
If interested, the steps to configuring textpad are below.

Here is how to configure Textpad to add color to the clearwell log files.
Copy  the file provided cwl.syn  to the following default location.   C:\Program Files\TextPad 5\system (or where textpad is installed)

Login into textpad and click on the menu item.
Configure - > new document class

1.  For document class type in “cwl”

2.  For class member type in “*.log”

3. For syntax definition file find “cwl.syn”

4. Check the box ”Enable syntax highlighting”

5. Click “finish”
You are finished.   From now on any file with the .log extension will be colorized.

Changing Colors

Play with some of the colors to get them to personalized.  Here is how.

1. Navigate to Configure -> preferences
2. Expand document classes -> cwl -> colors (to change the color settings)

A version of the cwl.syn file is attached.  Feel free to improve or optimize it.

To activate save the file with the .log extension.
It will be colorized in textpad.


cwl.syn file
cwl.syn (39 kBytes)

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