How to reuse production numbers

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There maybe a need to lock and unlock a production.  If this happens the system may consider a certain set of production numbers or bates numbers already used and not allow the user to reuse them.  This may result in an error message like the following: or

Starting number cannot be determined as there are pending productions with the same prefix.


Minimum starting number for prefix "pre" is nnnnn. Please choose another prefix or starting number.

There is a sneaky way to trick the system into restarting the production numbers.  The Clearwell system in general is very cautious not to reuse production numbers.  In locking and unlocking productions  The system believes that the production numbers are already used as a result they should not be reused. 

There is a way to fool the system into re-supplying the same numbers. Configure the unlocked production folder

1. Navigate to the Numbering tab
2. Add a "0"  to the end of the prefix section
3. Take away one of the padded zeros 

This will effectively, visually have the same production number but the system will consider this a different number set.

Given that the previous production was configured like the screen shot below. 

Change the new configuration settings to the settings below.

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