PMImport 7.0.1363.0 (February 2013 2nd Week)

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What's new in PMImport 7.0.1363.x (All Languages)?
New features in this release:
Support for deploying (February) 2013 Security Bulletins:
1.            MS13-009 (Critical)
2.            MS13-010 (Critical)
3.            MS13-011 (Critical)
4.            MS13-012 (Critical)
5.            MS13-013 (Important)
6.            MS13-014 (Important)
7.            MS13-015 (Important)
8.            MS13-016 (Important)
9.            MS13-017 (Important)
10.          MS13-018 (Important)
11.          MS13-019 (Important)
12.          MS13-020 (Critical)
Support for deploying KB's:
1.            KB-2760587 - Junk Email Filter for Outlook 2013
2.            KB-982726 - Junk Email Filter for Outlook 2010
2.            KB-2767848 - Junk Email Filter for Outlook 2007
3.            KB-2767887 - Junk Email Filter for Outlook 2003
 Microsoft Security Bulletin Major Revisions:
1.            None
Microsoft Security Bulletin Minor Revisions:
1.            MS12-043 (Critical)
2.            MS12-057 (Important)
3.            MS12-060 (Critical)
4.            MS13-004, MS13-005, MS13-006, MS13-009, MS13-010, MS13-012, MS13-016, MS13-017, MS13-018 and MS13-020. (See links above)
Fixes in this release:
All fixes are included in the Core (English) release unless otherwise specified:

 Article ID
MS12-035 IsInstalled rule fails. Client continues to show 'Scheduled'
Microsoft Update: MS12-074 – NDP40-KB2729449-x64.exe IsInstalled Rule issue
MS11-044 NDP20SP1-KB2530095-x86.exe appears to be over targeting
Bulletin MS11-039, update NDP20SP1-KB2478656-x86.exe is over targeting
MS09-062 – VS90-KB972221-x86.exe is over targeting
Update VB60SP6-KB926857-x86-ENU.msi in bulletin MS08-070 over targeting
Removed Dead Download URL for outlfltr2010-kb982726-fullfile-xXX-glb.exe
Modified Service Pack Rule for Exchange Server 2010 x64 Edition SP2
Removed Dead Download URL for KB-2732052

Additional Notes:  Modified Service Pack Rule for Exchange Server 2010 x64.

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