How to use existing DA Customer Database at the time of creating New Customer in DA.

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1.    Log on to Discovery Accelerator Server using EV Service Account.

2.    Check the Enterprise Vault Accelerator Service is in running state.

3.    Open the Link : http://localhost/EVBAadmin in Internet Explorer.

4.    On Left Side Pane Right click on the “DAServer” Name and select “New Customer”.

5.    In the open page fill below Details.

6.    Select Customer Type : Discovery (To Create Customer Database)

7.    In Name field insert the Name of the Customer Database. (This will reflect in the left side pane of the EVBAadmin page. )

8.    In the Directory DNS aliases name insert the EV alias name / EV Server alias name (The EV server on which “Enterprise Vault Directory Service” is running.)

9.    Administrator User or Group” enter the account name or groups, apart from the Vault Service Account, that have administrative permissions. (Default : EV Service account)

10.  Provide the Check mark in front of check box “Enable Customer’s tasks”.

11.  In the “Virtual Directory” insert the name which will reflect in the IIS on DA Server. (Normally use the Same as mentioned in the Name field.)

12.  In the “IIS Server” field mentioned the DA server name on which you want the Customer Database Virtual Directory.

13.   In the “SQL Server“ field mentioned the SQL Server name which host / mounted the Existing Customer Database.

14.  In the “Database” field mentioned the exact same name which present on the SQL Server.

15.  Provide the  Check mark in front of check box “Use Existing Database”.

16.  Keep all other settings as it is.

17.  At the bottom of the page click “OK”.



Example of which options select at the time of creation new customer.
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