Enterprise Vault Event 8390 Errors - Troubleshooting Digest

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To troubleshoot Event ID 8390 errors within Enterprise Vault, use the table below to locate your specific error message and the information on how to resolve the error.
Examples of the unique error message that can be displayed include:

  • RPC Server Unavailable
  • Hierarchy Inversion
  • Unspecified Error
  • General Access Denied
  • SQL Database Deadlock
  • Privileges Referenced Assigned Caller
  • Ran Out Memory
  • Synchronization Fail  
  • Unspecified Error
  • Exchange Provisioning Task Failure
  • Name Directory Machine Cannot be Blank
  • Operation Identifier not Valid
  • Migrator Server

Match the unique error message displayed in the second sentence of the description to the article in the table below.

Description: The EnterpriseVault.DirectoryConnection object reported an error.
The RPC Server is Unavailable – Web Server Error 415



Event 8390 Description
The RPC Server is Unavailable - Web Server Error 415 TECH56387
Hierarchy Inversion - 0xC0041BF0 TECH162185
Hierarchy Inversion for Public Folders - 0xc0041bf0 TECH177346
Unspecified Error - PST Restore TECH202253
Unspecified Error - 0x80004005 TECH203126
General Access Denied Error TECH202698
SQL Database Deadlock Accessing the Vault Database TECH202995
Not All Privileges Referenced are Assigned to the Caller TECH203254
Ran Out of Memory - 0x800700e TECH202918
Ran Out of Memory - 0xc0041c0e TECH66255
Moving Folders Causes Synchronization to Fail TECH158043
Event 8390 Exchange Provisioning Task fails TECH54900
The Operation Identifier is not Valid - 0x800710dd TECH142981
Migrator Server - 0x80040e14 TECH203261


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