How to verify if an Altiris product has the latest updates in Notification Server 6

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In the current version of Altiris, Symantec Management Platform 7.x, Symantec Installation Manager is used to install and verify what the current Altiris product versions are. This works similarly to Windows Add or Remove Programs, but for Altiris products only. Notification Server 6, however, does not have a Symantec Installation Manager. This relies on a built-in method of doing this, the Solution Center. The following instructions describe how to navigate Solution Center to determine if an Altiris product has the latest updates.

Please Note: Notification Server 6 does not have any area to show what hotfixes and service packs are applied to Altiris products. Solution Center will list the major product version only. To see what hotfixes and service packs are available for a product, click on its name in the A-Z Solutions tab of Solution Center. If a window pops up with items to install, the product is not up-to-date. The window will list any suggested updates, including hotfixes. If the window does not open and "This selection is already up to date" appears instead, then the product is up-to-date. To see what hotfixes or service packs have already been applied, review these in the Windows Add or Remove Programs list. Solution Center does not list already applied hotfixes and service packs and therefore cannot be used to determine if a product is completely up-to-date. The following instructions describe how to perform all of this.

  1. On the Notification Server 6 (either directly, or via RDP as an Admin; these steps cannot be performed on a workstation), open an Altiris Console.
  2. Click on the Configuration tab.
  3. Click on Update/Install Additional Solutions. This opens what is referred to as "Solution Center".
  4. On the Available Solutions tab, click on the A-Z Solutions button. Figure 1 displays how this appears. Note: Do not use the Currently Installed tab to update Altiris products or verify what version is installed. This page is only designed to alert the user when major versions are available to download and will not alert the user when service packs or hotfixes are available.

    Figure 1: The Solution Center, in the A-Z Solutions area.

  5. Click on the specific Altiris product to check if it has any service packs, such as Altiris Barcode Solution. Note: If Barcode is updated, the user will also later need to update the handheld with the new updates too. The easiest way to do this is by hard resetting the handheld device, and performing a clean, new install of Barcode, while logged into the workstation as a local demonstrator.
  6. One of two things will occur:

    a. A window will open, listing what updates are available to download. The user is strongly recommended to install these. Notes: (1) The core Notification Server is also strongly recommended to be updated to its latest version, which is 6.0 SP3 + R14. If this is desired to be updated, update this first before updating any Altiris products. This can be updated by going to Solution Center > Available Solutions > Segments > Notification Server Upgrades and Updates. (2) The user may wish to perform an Altiris database backup before applying any updates.
    b. The Console will report that the Altiris product is already updated, "This selection is already up to date".
  7. Assuming that updates were installed, depending on what they were, the size of the Altiris database, the Altiris and SQL Server performance, the update process may take some time to complete. Generally, the Altiris server does not need to be rebooted after the updates are installed, however, during these the Altiris Service will be offline. This will result in users not being able to access Altiris while the update is being applied, regardless for what product.
  8. After updates are applied, these will appear in Windows Add or Remove Programs, not in Solution Center. These often are noted as hotfixes, referencing KB numbers, such as "Altiris Barcode Hotfix KB43358".

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