Unable to see full list of Helpdesk query results when more than 2000 are present

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When running a query it fails to return all rows, but returns the following message at the bottom of the page:

This query returned more than the maximum allowed 2000 results

Helpdesk will only, by default, display up to 2000 results from a query. This is working as designed due to practical SQL query size limits, and affects queries and other areas in Helpdesk, such as the category list.

Though not recommended, this limitation threshold can be adjusted. Warning: Performing the following workaround can result in out of memory errors and other resoource failures of Helpdesk. If issues such as these occur, the only solution is to change the default back to restore Helpdesk functionality.

In most cases the only valid reason to adjust this setting is to get performance gains by lowering the default value.  In a few cases the need arises to increase the default.  Increasing the default value will cause a performance hit and for this reason should never be increased above 3000. The default value is set to 2000.

This registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Altiris\eXpress\Helpdesk Package  maxDataRowsToReturn, will adjust the results seen in Helpdesk Queries.

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