Enterprise Vault Event 13360 Errors - Troubleshooting Digest

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Information on resolving the most common problems related to Enterprise Vault (EV) Event ID 13360 / V-437-13360. Event 13360 can occur in EV for numerous reasons with many accompanying event IDs. It relates to a failed function or argument being run against the database.

Use the infomation in the below tables to intepret the error message and diagnose the potential solution

Sample Event Example Description
Event ID 13360 Relates to the Symantec Enterprise Vault Error message number.
Category Storage Management Identifies the EV process that generated the error.
Description An error was detected while accessing the Vault Database 'EVDATABASE' References the SQL database that experienced the fault.
Description The user does not have permission to perform this action. References the fundamental exception that occurred at the time of execution.
SQL Command usps_GetTransactionLogSize Illustrates the command or stored procedure that generated the message.
HRESULT 0x80040e14 Generic hexadecimal representation of the error. This will categorize the type of error message that was generated by the corresponding Event ID.

Click on the HRESULT values in the table below for links to available solutions.

HRESULT Description Definition
0x80040e14 DB_E_ERRORSINCOMMAND Relates to an element missing from the SQL installation as well as one or more errors occurred during processing of command.
0x80040e2f DB_E_INTEGRITYVIOLATION Index or primary key cannot contain a Null value
0xc0043433 DB_E_INVALIDUSER Login OR connection failed
0x80040e07 DB_E_CANTCONVERTVALUE Data or literal value could not be converted to the type of the column in the data source and a type mismatch in criteria expression
0x80040e57 DB_E_DATAOVERFLOW Literal value in the command exceeded the range of the type of the associated column
0x80040e37 DB_E_NOTABLE Table does not exist. 



HRESULT 0x80040e14 Article #
Permissions to gather SQL transaction log size TECH50865
Collection failed with 6796 and 6842 TECH142466
Search Vaults and Archive Explorer functionality with 8453  TECH178354
Installation fails at the directory database with 13337 TECH48229
Deleting a Vault Store or Vault Store Partition with 8453  TECH55334
Storage service fails to upgrade SQL database with 6875  TECH72393
Accessing items from the vault with 6576 TECH78194
The item is no longer in the vault with 8452 8453 and 2778  TECH58323
Storage service will not start post upgrade TECH150186
The SQL Server cannot obtain a LOCK resource at this time TECH59730
EVSVR Repair fails missing stored procedure with 6796 TECH156585
Upgrade Fails Due to Locks in Database with 8557 TECH169708
Exchange mailbox archiving task error with 8390 and 8453 TECH199392
EVDominoHousekeeping task fails to initialize if the EV Domino Gateway is clustered TECH75338
An error was detected while accessing the Vault Database '%%' Error: VaultId = "%%" does not exist TECH75069
Scheduled run of the archiving task - Error during execution of UpdateExchangeMbxArchiveFolder TECH209401
Stored procedure GetObjectSecurity - 13360, 8453 and 8390 in the Event Logs  TECH200475
There is insufficient system memory in resource pool 'internal' to run this query TECH198351
Collation conflicts in the SQL database prevent the execution of stored procedures TECH203261


HRESULT 0x80040e2f Article #
User account access to the database TECH50540
Domino directory group name with 8453 TECH61314
Creating the new Vault Store TECH163239
Attempt to delete an archive, the archive remains marked for deletion TECH74463
Unable to delete EV Server from Admin console TECH191731

HRESULT 0xc0043433 Article #
SQL database deadlock accessing the Vault Database TECH202995
Event ID 13360 after moving SQL databases with named instances TECH66637


HRESULT 0x80040e07 Article #
Error converting data type varchar to datetime with 6796  TECH68313
Lotus Domino - When attempting to ingest Notes Storage Facility files (NSF) with Transvault TECH188030


HRESULT 0x80040e57 Article #
An error occurred while creating the new Vault Store. TECH163239


HRESULT 0x80040e37 Article #
Failed to load msxmlsql.dll  TECH54239 


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SourceEvent ID

An error was detected while accessing the Vault Database 'EVDATABASE'

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