How to Add Logging for Bootwiz to DS 7.1

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Bootwiz logs automatically on the SMP when it's installed, but the same log files don't appear on site servers.  How can you get this on site servers?

When DS 7.1 installs on the SMP, a registry key is created as part of the installation to enable logging in BootWiz.  For some reason we've not yet found, that is not done on subsequent site-server installations.

The required registry key is actually found within the BootWiz.log file on the SMP after it has run at least once as follows:

2013/04/08 11:36:10 I: Using logging parameters from registry key:
2013/04/08 11:36:10 I: 'HKLM\Software\Altiris\BDC\logfile\LogFile\': Severity=d, Screen=false, Append=a, TimeStamps=C, ProcessIDs=, File='C:\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Agents\Deployment\Task Handler\Bootwiz\BootWiz.log'

If you look at the registry on the SMP in that location, you'll find essentially the following that are NOT on site servers:



Adding the two keys, along with the four string values to the site servers will resolve this problem.

Importing the attached registry key will also work.  Note that the File = * will place the log file in the same folder as BootWiz, so no folders or anything else need be modified regardless of where BootWiz is located on your servers.


BootWiz logging.reg (398 Bytes)

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