What is the Wise Service and what does it do?

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What is the Wise Service and what does it do?


Wise Services Database was formerly named Preflight database in version 5 of Wise Package Stuidio.  It stores the following data that is generated and used by Wise services:

-Tasks that are managed by the Wise Task Manager. Examples: importing packages; running the Merge Modules Wizard; compiling .MSI or .WSI packages in Software Manager; remotely compiling packages in Windows Installer Editor.

-(Quality Assurance module only.) The results that are generated from deploying preflight packages, which are made with Package Instrumentation. These results are used by the Preflight Data Collector and Preflight Analysis Web applications.

The Wise service requires a user account to access the information it needs to perform these operations. This SQL user account (Wisesvc<guid>) is set up when Wise Package Studio is installed on the server.  The initial Wise Package Studio installation creates this account and generates a random password which is encrypted.  If the password for the user account changes, then this service will not work until the user’s password is updated in the Wise Repository Manager.

To update the user account password:
1. In the left pane of the Wise Repository Manager, click the Wise Service icon.
2. In the right pane, change the password of the user account that is displayed.

The Wisesvc account is used to access the Wise databases from various background processes (examples: package import, the upgrade process). It lets users on client computers perform certain operations on the Wise Package Studio server. By processing operations on the server, you reduce the workload of the client computer and, if the packages and databases reside on the server, you improve the operation’s performance.

Note1: For best results with the Preflight Deployment feature, use Windows NT authentication for the Wise Services database (Quality Assurance module only).

Note 2: Professional and Enterprise versions only

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