What are some getting started tips for the database portion of the Wise Package Studio installation?

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What are some getting started tips for the database portion of the Wise Package Studio installation?


To install the database portion of Wise Package Studio (WPS), you need to a DBA :
In order to create databases and complete the database portion of the Wise Package Studio installation, either your currently logged on user profile must have database administrator privileges on the database server, or you must have the SQL user name and password of a database administrator available.

All database objects (i.e., tables, store procedure, etc.) in the Wise databases are owned by the dbo (database owner).

Setting up the environment:
To Install WPS to your computer, your environment must contain at least one server that has one of the following:
- Microsoft SQL Server (English version only). Version 7.0 required; 2000 recommended. SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2005 Express are supported.
- Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE). MSDE does not support WPS client installations. If you will install WPS in a client-server configuration, use SQL Server.


- There are no additional components or software required on the database server outside of the database software itself. 

- To determine the size for the Software Manager database, figure 2 MB per application.

- If you are upgrading from a previous version of WPS that used Access databases, the Wise Repository Manager will upgrade the databases to SQL Server or MSDE.  NOTE: Wise Package Studio 7 SP3 and future versions do not support MSDE.

NT authentication and SQL authentication are both options for authenticating users in WPS.  For each WPS database (Workbench, Software Manager, and Wise Services), you can:
- Specify the logon information for a database administrator (DBA).
- Define how user names and passwords should be validated.

You can use either SQL Server or Windows NT authentication. If you have installed SQL Server or MSDE with NT authentication only, the Wise Task Manager, which manages operations on the WPS server, will not work. Therefore, during the WPS database configuration, the authentication method is changed to mixed mode (NT and SQL). If you have any questions about how this change affects SQL Server security, ask your database administrator.

If you are using SQL authentication in your environment we do not store the username or password. The user is prompted for the password every time its required.  We do use a WiseSvc account (SQL account) that is used for some of the functionality of the software.  This password is encrypted but there are no tools to decrypt it.
Client users will need to know the password for the SQL Server Login, if SQL authentication is used.

Wise Service:
WPS contains a service that lets users on client computers perform certain operations on the WPS server. By processing operations on the server, you reduce the workload of the client computer and, if the packages and databases reside on the server, you improve the operation’s performance.
Tools and Users:
Although, Altiris does not provide any tools to benchmark transaction loads and stress test the database server, Software Manager does have a Table Query tool which provides ad-hoc reporting/search functionality in the product.  This tool does not provide any archive/purge functionality.  

If you plan to use a SQL Server or MSDE database server that uses SQL Server authentication, you will need to create users during installation. These users will have access to the database you create. You need to know what user IDs to create.

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