Volume pool and volume group examples

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Volume pool and volume group examples

The following three examples show the relationship between volume pools and volume groups.

See Figure: Volume pool with multiple volume groups. for an example of one volume pool (named NB_pool) and several volume groups.

You can move volumes between the groups in the robotic library and any groups that are off site. All volumes, however, remain in the same pool.

Media in the same volume pools are in different volume groups. Note that the data is stored on separate volumes by assigning different volume pools. The volumes in a pool can be in more than one physical location and in more than one volume group.

Figure: Volume pool with multiple volume groups

Volume pool with multiple volume groups

See Figure: Volume groups with multiple volume pools. for examples of how the volumes in the pool NB_pool_dept_1 are spread among the rob_A, standalone1, and off-site volume groups.

These groups also have volumes from more than one pool (though the volumes in each group must all be the same type).You also can configure a scratch pool from which NetBackup can transfer volumes when a volume pool has no media available.

Figure: Volume groups with multiple volume pools

Volume groups with multiple volume pools

See Figure: Scratch pool example. for an example where the scratch pool is named Scratch_pool. The three robots contain volumes from that pool in addition to those from other pools.

Assume the following sequence of events:

  • A backup job requires a DLT volume, so NetBackup attempts to assign one from NB_pool_dept_1 in Robot C.

  • Robot C has no unassigned volumes available in the NB_pool_dept_1 pool.

  • NetBackup searches the scratch pool for an unassigned DLT volume in Robot C. If a volume is available, NetBackup moves it to NB_pool_dept_1. Otherwise, NetBackup logs a media unavailable status.

Figure: Scratch pool example

Scratch pool example

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