About decommissioning a media server

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About decommissioning a media server

You can use the NetBackup nbdecommission to decommission a media server. The command launches a text-based wizard that guides you through the decommission process. The wizard removes the references to a media server from a NetBackup domain. (You may have to remove some references manually; the wizard provides instructions to do so in most cases.)


If you installed an indexing server on the media server that you want to decommission, you must first decommission the indexing server.

See the NetBackup Search Administrator's Guide.

The nbdecommission command helps in the following scenarios:

  • You retire a server that is no longer required. After all of the backup images on the old server expire, you can use the nbdecommission to remove the old server from the NetBackup environment.

  • You replace an old server with a new server and keep the same storage. You want to access all of the old server storage and backup images from the new server.

  • The old server fails, and you need to replace it with a new server.

  • You tried to decommission a media server manually and references to it still remain. The wizard may clean up any references that remain.

Throughout this documentation, the media server to be decommissioned is referred to as the old server.


Be careful when you use the nbdecommission command. Because the command may expire images, data loss may occur. Therefore, you should understand completely what the command does before you use it. Symantec recommends that you first preview all of the references to a media server before you decommission it.

See Previewing references to a media server.

The following topics provide more information and provide guidance for the entire process.

See About decommissioning limitations

See Before you decommission a media server

See Decommission actions

See Post decommission recommendations

See Previewing references to a media server

See Decommissioning a media server

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