Is it possible to disable the service catalog in Helpdesk?

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Previously configured settings that allowed users of the end user console to only view existing tickets have been negated with Helpdesk Service Pack 5. With the inclusion of the Service Catalog feature, users can now create tickets as well.

Is there a way to disable the Service Catalog completely so that the previous settings can be restored?


To restore the previous security settings, remove the references to the Service Desk in the user console.

As with any other Helpdesk customizations, ensure that that updated files are placed into a custom directory.  Please see the Helpdesk Integration Guide for more information.

In the C:\Program Files\Altiris\Helpdesk\AeXHD\templates\subServiceCatalog.ascx, we added visible="false" to the end of the lines for the winuser console.

                <aw:ControlBar id="cbSearch" runat="server" CssClass="clsBar" ColSpan="2" width="100%" Expand="imgEnd">
                 <aw:Label id="lblSearch" runat="server" text="sidLblSearchForServices" wrap="false" visible="false" />
                  <aw:TextBox id="tbSearch" runat="server" width="200" visible="false"/>
                  <aw:Button id="btnSearch" runat="server" Text="sidSearch" OnClick="DoContinue" visible="false" />
                   <aw:Image ID="imgEnd" runat="server" ImageUrl="spacer" visible="false" />
                  <aw:Separator ID="sepSearch" Runat="server" width="100%" ColSpan="2" visible="false" />

We also added the privileges="privAdminister" to remove the icon to create incident for the icon on the top of the console (in the web.config).

Change the service category "Employee Requests" by going into Admin-> Manage Service Categories and edited the "Employee Requests" to be inactive.  Then remove the service catalog item "Request Access to a Resource" by going to Admin->Tasks->List Tasks and edit "Request Access to Resource" to be inactive.

Save the subServiceCatalog.ascx to the directory that holds other customized files.

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