How does Application Metering work?

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How does Application Metering work?

When an executable starts, the Application Metering agent hooks itself into the process creation and runs before the progam (*.exe) is given control of the process space created by the operating system.

An entry is entered in to the AeXProcessList.txt in the Altiris Agent folder on the client that lists the executable and its runtime information.  The data in the AeXProcessList.txt file is updated every 30 seconds. The data gets written from the AeXProcessList.txt file to the AeXAMInventory.txt file on every start and stop of an application. These start and stop events get sent to the NS automatically by the Application Metering agent through the Altiris Agent transport.

The AeXAMInventory.txt file contains entries for all executables that have been executed on the client. When the client creates the Application Metering Monthly Summary data, it will parse the client policy file for the Monitor Policy information that is configured and build the NSE file from the AeXAMInventory.txt file using only those applications that are specified in the Altiris Agent configuration XML file (which contains these Monitor Policies).

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