Can the public rights be removed from these system stored procedures and not affect Wise Package Studio performance?

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Can the public rights be removed from these system stored procedures and not affect Wise Package Studio  performance?

Stored Procedures        
xp_instance_regread                                       xp_regwrite   
xp_regread                                                     xp_cmdshell   
sp_readwebtask                                             xp_displayparamstmt   
sp_runwebtask                                               xp_execresultset   
sp_OACreate                                                xp_printstatements   
sp_OADestroy                                              sp_purge_jobhistory   
sp_OAGetErrorInfo                                       sp_help_jobhistory   
sp_OAGetProperty                                        sp_add_jobserver   
sp_OAMethod                                              sp_delete_jobserver   
sp_OASetProperty                                        sp_help_jobserver   
sp_OAStop                                                   sp_get_jobstep_db_username   
xp_instance_regaddmultistring                         sp_delete_jobstep   
xp_instance_regdeletekey                               sp_help_jobstep   
xp_instance_regdeletevalue                             sp_add_jobschedule   
xp_instance_regenumkeys                              sp_update_jobschedule   
xp_instance_regenumvalues                            sp_delete_jobschedule   
xp_instance_regread                                      sp_help_jobschedule   
xp_instance_regremovemultistring                   sp_add_job   
xp_instance_regwrite                                     sp_update_job   
xp_regaddmultistring                                      sp_delete_job   
xp_regdeletekey                                             sp_help_job   
xp_regdeletevalue                                           sp_get_job_alerts   
xp_regenumkeys                                             sp_start_job   
xp_regenumvalues                                           sp_stop_job   
xp_regread                                                     sp_check_for_owned_jobs   
xp_regremovemultistring                                  sp_check_for_owned_jobsteps   

Some of these stored procedures  are used during the database setup of the Wise Package Studio  installation.  Removing the public rights from these stored procedures should not affect any of the daily performance.  If the user needs to create a new database in the Wise Repository Manager, upgrade or repair the rights should be restored.

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