How do I deploy 'end-of-life' Software Updates from vendors on extended support?

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How do I deploy Software Updates for end-of-life (EOL) updates; after the vendor has deemed them no longer support, yet I have paid for extended support with the vendor?

Example: Microsoft declared support for Windows XP SP3 will be EOL April 2014; however, some customers pay for extended support to receive Software Updates after this date.



The Altiris Patch Management Solution only supports the distribution of software updates that are publically available, and it does not support the distribution of software updates that are only available to those customers who pay a vendor for extended support. However, customers may use the Altiris Software Management Solution to distribute those types of updates.

Note: Patch Management also ends functionality of reporting for Windows XP as well, for the rules are no longer updated to target an EOL Operating System (OS). Please view Console > Reports > All Reports > Notification Server Management > Agent > All Managed Computers with End-Of-Life OS Report for other EOL OS's.

Additionally, please go to to review EOL for Patch Management Solution for Windows.


Regarding Windows XP Embedded Operating Systems: limited supportability as detailed on KM: HOWTO9965and documented further on KM: HOWTO10921Patch Management Solution would apply general XP patches only, for no patches specific to just Windows Embedded would be applied.

Advisory for Windows POS Ready 2009 OSRecent modifications made to Patch Management logic for these OS type updates, provided by the vendor, are now supported; however, if updates are provided via a 3rd Party, such as an OEM hardware vendor; Patch Management will not be able to support those updates. Moving forward; Software Management Solution and Deployment Solution can be used to work around this behavior to deploy Windows XP general and embedded updates.

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