How does the 000 directory in the Wise Share Point grow?

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Under what conditions are new subdirectories created in the 000 directory of the Wise Share Point?


Wise Package Studio copies source files to the Wise Share Point when distributing packages directly to the share point or when importing a single package or multiple packages to the Software Manager database with the "Distribute source files" option enabled. The 000 directory is the default directory for source files distributed to the Wise Share Point.

Numbered subdirectories are created in this location using the convention 000\001, 000\002, and so forth as additional packages are added to the Software Manager database. New subdirectories are created under the 000 directory when either of these conditions are true:

  1. A package distributed to the share point contains files with the same name but a different version than a previously distributed package.
  2. A numbered subdirectory grows to 1000 files.

Wise Package Studio continues to create new subdirectories until the number of subdirectories reaches 255 (000\255). At that point, a new directory, 001, is created directly under the share point. Subdirectories of 001 are created following the same rules as 000. This continues all the way up to 255\255.

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