How to generate a log for the SVS agent installation

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How do I create an install log for the Software Virtualization Solution agent?


The Software Virtualization Agent uses Windows Installer as the installation delivery method. Creating a log file during the installation of a Windows Installer package (.MSI) is standard across all .MSI files and is demonstrated below.

Msiexec.exe /I <Path>\Software_Virtualization_Agent.msi /L*v <Path>\install.log

Msiexec.exe—The Windows Installer runtime, usually located %SystemRoot%\System32.
/I—Instructs Windows Installer to install the specified package.
<Path>—Path to where the the .MSI is located and where the log file should be written. These paths are not necessarily the same location.
/L*v—Instructs Windows Installer to log all Windows Installer event messages in verbose mode.

Msiexec.exe /I C:\InstallFolder\Software_Virtualization_Agent.msi /l*v %TEMP%\install.log

Installation Properties:
You may specify the following installation properties during installation to more fully automate the installation process.
INSTALL_ADMIN—Use this property to install the SVS Administration Tools.
PRODUCT_KEY—Specify the product key for SVS to not be prompted during installation.

Msiexec.exe /I C:\InstallFolder\Software_Virtualization_Agent.msi /l*v %TEMP%\install.log INSTALL_ADMIN=1 PRODUCT_KEY=aaaaa-bbbbb-ccccc-ddddd

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