Custom Inventory Overview and Samples

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Where can I find Windows and UNIX Custom Inventory resources and sample files?

A plethora of custom inventory samples for Windows and UNIX are attached to this knowledge base article. They are grouped by NS platform and by OS platform. These files have the following directory structure. (Note that cscript.exe is included in the NS6 download.)



Notification Server Version 6

For information on setting up NS6 custom inventory, please see the following knowledge base articles.



Unix & Linux setup overview:

Unix & Linux Lab/Tutorial:

ESX Patching Tutorial:


Notification Server Version 7

For information on setting up custom inventory on NS7 for all operating system platforms, please see the following knowledge base article. 


Using NS6 custom inventory files in NS7

Many customers have a large investment in NS6 custom inventory. To allow customers to preserve that investment, NS7 was designed to run NS6 custom inventory files. Please see the following knowledge base article for details. (This set of sample files does not have samples for all scripting languages as of October 2009.) 


Note: These are supplied as-is and are not guaranteed to be accurate or suitable for your purposes. These are examples, only.  

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