How to configure Inventory for UNIX to run on a system with a non-English Locale

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How can Inventory for UNIX be configured to run on a system with a non-English Locale?

Running a non-English locale has been associated with the following error:  Failed - Invalid character value for cast specification.


The Bash shell allows for modifying environment variables for child process without affecting the main operating system environment. The main inventory for UNIX/Linux binary is a shell script called 'aex-runinvnow'. By modify the 'aex-runinvnow' script as shown below, we can leave the operating system to use the non-English locale while allowing the script and its child processes to run with the C or Posix locale.

The aex-runinvnow shell script can be found in the following directory on the Notification Server. You will need to drill down to the appropriate platform and processor.

C:\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\NSCap\Bin\Unix\Inventory

Open the file in a text editor (see note below). These changes affect the first three lines of the original file.  







export LANG




Note: Be sure to use a text editor that preserves the UNIX/Linux line endings. Otherwise, the aex-runinvnow script will fail to run on client computers due to inappropriate line endings.

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