How can I get the helpdesk worker console hyperlinks to show the FQDN instead of just the server name?

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When any of the hyperlinks on the Helpdesk worker console are selected, the resulting URL uses just the server name. For example: When hovering the mouse over Carbon Copy icon, the URL that displays is http://<servername>/Altiris/CarbonCopy/CarbonCopyControl.aspx?WrkstaName=SPP29760.

How can Helpdesk be updated so that the FQDN of the server is properly resolved?


The Worker screen paths are controlled by the Program Files\Altiris\HelpDesk\AeXHD\bin\format.xml file. However, the server name that is inserted into the hyperlinks is based upon how the user is logged into the console. For example: if the address used to connect is http://<servername>/aexhd/worker/default.aspx then the console will use only "servername".  If the connection is made using FQDN - http://<>/aexhd/worker/default.aspx - then the hyperlinks use

In addition, add a setting to the coresettings.config file.

Insert a PreferredNSHost entry into the Program Files\altiris\Notification Server\Config\Coresettings.config. This will make sure that the codebases generated by NS will be in FQDN format.

Edit the coresettings.config file using Notepad or some other text editor. Do not use Wordpad. Make a copy of this file prior to editing it. If it is becomes corrupted, it will break the Notification Server.

Place the following line above the <!- Move these setting from the registry on install -> section of the coresettings.config file located under "Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\config":

<customSetting key="PreferredNSHost" type="local" value="" />

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