How to identify who created or modified a Helpdesk Rule

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Sometimes a Helpdesk Rule is created or modified and an administrator would like to know who did it. Is there a way to identify who changed any of the known rules?

Yes, but there does not seem to be an interface to it. Attached to this article is a report that can be imported, which will allow you to select (double-click on) a rule from the list of rules and return the following information about the selected rule:

  • Date Created
  • Created By
  • Date Modified
  • Modified by
  • Rule Properties

In the Rule Properties column, you can copy and paste it to a document so that you can compare the composition of the rule before and compare the same properties in the next row (after).

Note: This report specifically calls for the use of the "Altiris_Incidents" database. If your Helpdesk database has a different name then edit the report and, in the "Global Parameters" section change the "database" parameter to the name of the current Helpdesk database.


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