How do I move Patch Management updates to a new location, or remove update downloads?

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How do I move Patch Management updates to a new location?


Please work through A. to change the download location on the Notification Server:

The Software Updates are stored at 'C:\Program Files\Altiris\Patch Management\Packages\Updates' by default. Right Click/Properties of the Update folder to view how much disk space is being consumed.

A. Proceed through the following list to move Patch Updates to a new specified hard disk location:

  1. Disable the Bulletins on the Manage Software Updates Page: Go to the Console > Tasks Tab > Tasks > Software Management > Patch Management > Manage Software Updates > Highlight the bulletins, right-click / Disable. This will disable the connections to the Database associations for those package resources.
  2. Delete the old Update Download Database correlations: Console > Resources Tab > Resource Management > Resources > Software Management > Software Patch Packages > Software Updates and in the right pane, highlight a resource and hold shift / and select another to remove multiple resources, and right click / delete all the highlighted Security Updates resources. Important: If too many packages are set to be deleted at once, it could cause SQL deadlocks which are bad for the process. Try not to delete more than 50 at a time. (Note: The Hardware / General Updates will also need to be deleted if the Dell / Linux Patch are installed and need to be moved)

  3. Next, delete the physical download location that was being used: Console > Configuration Tab > Solutions Settings > Software Management > Patch Management > Server Settings > Global Settings  > Download Software Update Packages, and in the right pane view the path for downloaded updates. Go to that path on the NS and delete the desired update folders. The physical updates download on the hard drive will need to be deleted manually, for step 1 only removes them from the database. (Note: Default location for this folder is: C:\Program Files\Altiris\Patch Management\Packages\Updates)

  4. Then, verify that the download location is pointing to the new specified drive location: Console > Configuration Tab > Solutions Settings > Software Management > Patch Management > Server Settings > Global Settings > Download Software Update Packages, and in the right pane - ensure the path is altered to show the new desired Drive / Location.
  5. Last, restage the Bulletins to create the new Database correlations and download the updates to the new folder / drive: Console > Tasks Tab > Tasks > Software Management > Patch Management > Manage Software Updates > Highlight the bulletins to push out, right-click / Stage to create the package for that Bulletin.

    : do not exceed 50 'downloads' at a time to prevent server lockup [check the downloads column count on the page for this total], and hold shift / ctrl to include any and all that will be rolled out to the environment).
  6. Ensure that the Update Advertisements in the Task are enabled: Console > Tasks > Software Management > Patch Management > Software Update Tasks > Microsoft - Check the update tasks and ensure they are still enabled, for the distribution points should have been updated, and this causes the tasks to become disabled.

    Note: New Software Update Tasks may need to be created if the existing tasks are unable to target the Advertisement XML for the new packages.

Please review the following if there are different moves to be made:

B. To remove update downloads and not replace them: Perform A. - Steps 1 and 2, for that will remove the Database Table Data and the Physical Download. May also view KB 40558, for it outlines a tool that can be run to delete update packages, and their Database correlations, that have no reference to an existing Software Update Task.

C. To move downloaded updates to a new hard drive on the Package Server: 44293 - Work through the KB article for changing the path on the NS may throw the following error: 'Unable to save the Package item. Reason: The Command Line field cannot be left empty.' Usually this error message is coming from the "Win32 Application Metering Audit Integration Package." If this is showing as the cause in the logs - work through article 32327, "How to change the file system location for the 'Win32 Application Metering Audit Integration Package' package."

D. Have also found that flushing the Log File from the Log folder contents can free up a good amount of space on the Drive: Found at - Drive: > Windows > System32 > Logs > W3SCV1 .

  • This logging is enabled / disabled: MyComputer > Right Click MyComputer - Manage > IIS > Web Sites > Default Web Sites - Right Click Default Web Sites and go to the Web Site Tab and Uncheck - Enable Logging. : This may cause issues with troubleshooting the web based console in the future. The Altiris Logs may not show enough data, and the IIS logs are reviewed, but if this is disabled there may be important data lost.
  • Warning


NOTE: Deleting the packages from the SQL server via the Resources Tab as outlined in step 1, may need to be throttled with 100 or so at a time, for the greater number of packages to be deleted at once could create SQL deadlocks which could be really bad for the process. SQL Deadlocks may be thrown, for the deletion is holding up the resource and will not allow processes, like staging bulletins, to take place.




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